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Spike's Delite - Ultra Diet


My hedgie, Lovey lips, has been in her new home for one week now. I started her on a 50/50 mix of her old (cat) food and Spikes Ultra just a few nights ago. I was told that if you changed their diets too quickly that they would get the runs. Not so!! Because her stools are still solid on that much of a change I've added another 1/4 portion to her mix so it is now 25(cat)/75(Spikes) Yes!! and STILL no runs.
She loves it and eats it all up every night which I'm told is somewhat unusual for a hedgie in it's new home - to eat so well, I mean. Her appetite is terrific!! Because this food is made strictly for hedgehogs it is more nutritionally dense than cat food so I don't have to worry about her getting the proper nutrition... Great Product!! Try it!
Date Added: 06/22/2013 by Marsha Laflamme
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